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Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing and recreational environment for school age children while their parents work or attend school

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Our goal is to provide high quality, develop mentally appropriate child care for preschool children with focus on the individual child’s age and ability to stimulate social, cognitive, physical and emotional growth.

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Our goal is to provide opportunities for families to be involved with their children’s education and have access to parenting support and education.


We are a in home childcare business. With a 3K setting for students to prepare them for when they enter 3K. It is the mission of Lil ZZ Preschool to provide quality child care for all families in the community in a warm, nurturing, loving and educational environment. The child care needs of all economic levels are served, enabling families to obtain employment or to further their education.

"My daughter entered lil Z’z daycare September 2019, she had just turned two that July. When she started the daycare she was still using a pacifier, and she was also in diapers. As soon as my daughter started, krystal the owner of lil Z’z daycare; asked me to bring a lot of underwear’s as she will be starting to potty train. Almost two months in and my two year old was pacifier free & potty trained. Krystal is hands down one of the best providers. Her patience with children is over the roof. She is also a get teacher. Thanks to lil Z’z daycare my daughter has improved in her shapes, colors, numbers, and spelling. She’s now ready to concur 3k in September 2020!"
Our 2 year old son has been attending Daycare at Miss Krystal’s for almost a year. This place is almost like his second family. The comfort and care he gets there make him very happy. He met many of his milestones and learnt a ton. He learns about hygiene, self care, cooking, sharing, singing, dancing, ABC, numbers... Miss Krystal keeps her daycare extremely clean and germ free. As a result the kids almost never get sick there. We are very lucky to have her and her team care for our son
As a parent when seeking childcare it can be difficult because you want to make sure your child is in a safe environment and that he or she will get the best education needs as possible. When enrolling my son into Lil Z’s daycare the first thing I noticed was how clean and well kept the home is. The provider Ms. Krystal takes excellent care of the children and when she notices that a child is lacking in a subject she takes innitiative to let the parent know and works closely with the child so that he or she isn’t behind. Every child learns at there own pace and I’m glad that enrolling my child into lil z’s daycare that he is getting all the right attention when he’s there,with the staff. Lil Z’s make learning fun! And I love seeing my son smile when I pick him up and he shows me all the activities he had done through out the day.
Ashley McRae
My daughter coming to this Daycare has impressed me tremendously.From potty training,learning her letters,numbers and positive communication.This is more than a daycare , it’s a second home .Staff are loving and caring and will go above and beyond what’s expected.Ms.Krystal and staff have something that you can not learn , passion to provide a safe and loving environment for not only my daughter but for all the kids ❤️


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